Industry at A Glance

  • Myanmar’s construction industry expected to recover in 2021, with output expected to expand by 9.1%
  • Top trading partners (import sources) of Myanmar in 2019 were China with a share of 34% (6.44 billion US$), Singapore with a share of 18.2% (3.38 billion US$), Thailand with a share of 11.6% (2.17 billion US$), Malaysia with a share of 5.08% (944 million US$), Indonesia with a share of 4.87% (906 million US$), India with a share of 3.77% (700 million US$), Vietnam with a share of 3.36% (624 million US$), Japan with a share of 2.69% (501 million US$), Korea with a share of 2.42% (450 million US$), USA with a share of 1.86% (346 million US$).
  • The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) has allowed foreign banks to provide financing and lending to local businesses that could stimulate property market’s liquidity.
  • The FDI target for fiscal 2021-2022 expected to be US$ 8.5 Billion, which has been growth from US$ 5.8 Billion during 2020-2021
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